Wellness and Lifestyle

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Discover how your genetics can work in your favor. Order the kit now to learn about your predispositions for certain behaviors, conditions or traits!

MiaDNA Test Kit for Wellness and Lifestyle

It's never too late to take advantage of your unique genetic characteristics

Your wellness summary can help you make sense of your unique characteristics, allowing you to base your habits accordingly. Unleash the power of your genetic markup and discover interesting facts about your predispositions for certain behaviors, conditions or traits.

Included in Wellness and Lifestyle package

Avoidance of Errors

Do you have hard time learning from your mistakes? A MiaDNA Test could reveal if your genes are to blame.

Hair Loss

Are you wondering if you’re going to go bald? Stop wasting time and money on a miracle cure. Take a DNA test and discover your likelihood for hair loss.

Learning Patterns

How much do you rely on past experience when making decisions? Unlock the answer by taking a DNA test to figure out how your genetics play a role in your decision making process!

Lifespan Potential

Researchers and scientists have isolated genetic markers that show links between your DNA and how long you may live. Now you can use this information to implement preventative measures that can help you live a good life.

Memory Performance

Do you easily recall the details an event or do you forget them as soon as they happen? The answers to these questions about your memory recall capability could actually be stored in your DNA!

Morning/Night Person

Are you a night owl or a morning person? Want to find out which tendencies are in your genes? While a number of factors impact the body’s internal clock, researchers have also discovered that your DNA also plays a large part in.

Risk Taking

Do you behave like a dare-devil? Your sensation seeking behavior may be motivated in large part by your DNA.

Social support

Do you actively seek social support during times of stress? Do you prefer to handle things on your own? The way you respond to crisis lies in your DNA.

Speed vs. Endurance

Have you recently begun a new exercise program and want to know how to maximize your physical potential? Athletic performance is largely influenced by one's own training but your genetic markup can also supply you with valuable information.

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