Before Buying
How does the test work?

The MiaDNA Testing Kit offers you the ability to discover a wealth of information about your unique genetic makeup, allowing you to make informed and intelligent lifestyle decisions. All you have to do is order the test kit, follow the detailed instructions provided, and send your sample to our lab for analysis.

Our technicians will extract your DNA from the sample provided in order to determine which specific genes affect your individual response to particular environmental factors including diet, exercise and behavioral patterns. Once your DNA is analyzed, you will be provided with a personalized interpretation of your results.

What is included in the test?

The MiaDNA Testing Kit comes complete with a sample collection kit, detailed instructions for completing each step and a pre-stamped return envelope used to send your sample straight to our lab for analysis.

How do I order the test?

Once you have determined which MiaDNA Test Kit(s) is right for you, all you have to do is order the test online and it will be mailed straight to your door!

Who can purchase the MiaDNA Testing Kit?

Our tests can be ordered from anywhere in the world. In order to purchase a test, you must be of legal age in accordance with the laws in the country or region in which you reside.

Can I cancel my order and get a refund?

You will be charged upon submission of your order. Once your payment has been approved, your order will be processed and your MiaDNA Testing Kit will be mailed to you. Should you wish to cancel your order, simply email a cancellation request to our customer service department. Once your request is confirmed, you will be notified regarding your refund status according to the following policy: If your cancellation request is received prior to the dispatch of your MiaDNA Kit, you are entitled to a full refund (minus the $10 processing fee). Refunds are processed within 30 days of your confirmed cancellation. If the MiaDNA Kit has already been mailed, a refund cannot be offered. Should you decide to terminate your MiaDNA account, you may do so at any time.

What are the available payment methods (How can I pay?)

Online payments can be made from anywhere in the world by using our secure credit card payment service through PayPal (you do not have to register with PayPal to use your credit card). PayPal payments are also accepted.

How to take the test?
Now that I received the test in the mail, what is the next step?

In the kit, you will find everything necessary for taking an inner cheek sample from your mouth (using a buccal swab).

  1. Step One: Pull open the package on one end.
  2. Step Two: Remove the Catch-All™ sample collection swab from packaging and discard its packaging.
  3. Step Three: Collect buccal cells by rolling the Catch-All™ sample collection swab firmly on the inside of the cheek, approximately 20 times on each side, making certain to move the swab over the entire cheek. It is important to collect buccal (cheek) cells and not saliva. Important - use reasonable firm and solid pressure.
  4. Step Four: Place swab into plastic sleeve with the blue stripe and seal. Do not touch the end tips of the swab with your finger.
  5. Step Five: Place the plastic sleeve containing swab inside the envelope with the red icon and seal it. Place this envelope inside the return envelope and seal it.
  6. Mail to lab for processing: You will then seal the swab in a special plastic sleeve and send it back to us using the enclosed pre-billed return envelope.
I have completed the MiaDNA Test Kit at home. Now what?

Once you have collected your MiaDNA Test sample, simply place it into the plastic sleeve and send it to the lab using the pre-billed envelope that is enclosed in your kit.

About our laboratory and scientific process
Where are my results analyzed?

All MiaDNA Test Kit samples are analyzed in Certified Labs throughout London, England.

When will I receive my results?

Once we receive your DNA sample collection kit, we guarantee that you will receive your results within 4-6 weeks.

How reliable are the results?

The information provided by us consists of contemporary scientific studies published and reviewed by the most reliable sources available today. These studies are also reviewed by our own experts before being implemented in our lab tests. It is important to understand that these studies rely on statistical measures and are not deterministic. Other factors such as environment, lifestyle etc. can highly affect the certain traits.

How long do I have access to my test results?

You will have access to your account as long as you do not send us a request to terminate it. We reserve the right to charge additional fees for special features added to the site at any point in the future. We will not charge any additional fees without your consent!

Legal & Privacy
Are my samples and results safe?

When it comes to collecting your personal information, we are committed to maintaining security and confidentiality. You can be sure that when your DNA sample collection kit reaches our lab, we will extract the DNA, determine your results and deliver them to you privately via email or by logging on to our secure website. All of the systems and methods used to measure your results are confidential.

We commit to excellence and quality delivery of our products, while securing and protecting the privacy of our customers.