Are You Raising Your Child Right? Find Out with a Simple Test

It is those nagging questions in the back of your mind as a mother or father: Am I a good parent? Can I become a better parent? How do I become a better parent? As a parent it is natural to have these thoughts. You want the best for your child, and in order for that to happen, you want to be the best parent possible. In fact, an article in Today’s Parent reveals that many parents worry about their parenting ability and how it affects their child. You are not alone in worrying if you are parenting right and how it is affecting your child.

As a mother, your natural instinct is to protect your child by trying to take proactive action now, even if the worry is placed years down the road. Whether it is one child or multiple, the questioning never seems to stop. No matter how hard you try. These thoughts can grow very intense at times and seem even louder today than ever. So, what is amplifying this thought process and what can you do to KNOW you are raising your child right?

How You Were Raised

How you were raised and what you experienced as a child can affect how you parent. If your parents were not the best role models, and you know you want to raise your child differently, then of course you will worry. For example, the term “ helicopter parent ” describes that parent who is always around their child and monitors everything the child does. We all know someone like this. Well, if your parents raised you this way, you might have some resentment and not want to raise your child that way. But how, you wonder? That is where the trial and error and second-guessing of being a parent rears its ugly head.

The Joneses

You know the Joneses. The ones everyone wants to keep up with. They seem to raise the perfect child who gets great grades, is a top athlete, and has all the friends and best parties. Trying to do this can be exhausting, not to mention make you wonder if that is best for your child. But, parenting peer pressure is real! And it can make you second-guess how you are raising your child.

Information Overload

We consume a lot of information today, whether it is ads on the radio, a podcast, television, or product placement in movies. That translates to a lot of targeted advertising at you as a parent. Ads showing the seemingly perfect family and subtly suggesting yours is not good enough. This can take its toll on your psyche, and over time, without you even realizing it, you find yourself questioning your parenting and your child’s potential because of all this information.

While there are many other reasons you may find yourself asking those nagging questions, these are four of the bigger ones, and we cannot explore every possible angle. Thus, it is time to discuss the solution that is simple, takes little time, and is worth every penny: DNA testing .

About DNA Testing

It is known that DNA testing can tell anyone about their ancestral roots. But, genetic testing can also be done on children to find out information to help in your parenting and help your child maximize their potential. DNA testing in children can answer many questions.



Think about how important knowing this information can be for your child’s growth potential and negating your own questioning of your parenting skills. Imagine knowing that your child is predisposed to nearsightedness, for example. In addition, you may learn your child relies on others for moral support. Great! Now you can help hone that skill. Or, what if you learn your child likes to stay up late? You can prepare for the eventuality of getting him or her up on time. Or, you can look for schools that start later so tests will be later to be in tune with your child’s circadian rhythm. With PERSONAL DNA testing for your child, we are talking about risk mitigation. You can take action NOW because you will have invaluable insight into your child!


Discover more about your child with MIA DNA’s Child DNA Discovery for Kids. This DNA test is designed to help you find out all the answers discussed in this article. It comes with a prepaid envelope and everything you need. There is no invasive measure to collect the DNA. And before you know it, all those nagging questions about if you are doing enough as a parent and how to be a better one will go away. You will have unquestionable data in front of your eyes to help you be the great parent you know you are, and help your child meet and exceed their capabilities in many areas. Take action now! The longer you wait to have your child tested using DNA, and it may be too late to maximize their potential!