MiaDNA Children's Discovery + Exercise & Fitness bundle

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A special bundle of MiaDNA Kids Discovery genetic analysis + our Exercise & Fitness Testing kit. Get the latest scientific research at a special affordable price

MiaDNA offers the latest genetic research related to your kid's physical and behavioral tendencies. Find out how your kid's genes influence who they are and what they can be with this affordable DNA test kit. Gain valuable, scientific information about everything from cognitive abilities to your kid's physical attributes.

MiaDNA Testing Kit for Parents and Children

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet

Now, thanks to genetic testing capabilities, it has become a whole lot easier. Knowing your child's genetic profile can help you make informed decisions about their well-being and future. Empower your kids from the start and receive lifetime access to their personal DNA report.

Receive personalized recommendations and suggestions based on your kid's results

Apply real DNA science for optimizing your kid's exercise and fitness plan

Knowing your kid's athletic genetic profile can help you make better decisions about his/her training and which physical activities are best for them. The type of athlete they are and want to be is heavily determined by their genetic makeup. This is determined by their muscle fiber makeup.

Our test also includes other predispositions such as: sport related injuries, how fast the body recovers from exercise and more.

Another key aspect that we analyze is how well they are predisposed to lose weight in response to exercise. Discover which traits make your kid so UNIQUE, and which activities fit him best!.

The combined bundle includes the following tests:

Athletic Potential

Knowing your child's genetic profile can help you make better decisions about their training and which sports or even positions your child should pursue.

Avoidance of Errors

Does your child have a hard time learning from his mistakes? A MiaDNA Test could reveal if his genes are to blame.


How tall might your child grow? Anticipating your child's height can help you better understand their growth patterns and make decisions about extracurricular activities.

Risk Taking

Does your child behave like a dare-devil?His sensation seeking behavior may be motivated in large part by his DNA.

Memory Performance

Does your child easily recall the details an event or does he forget them as soon as they happen? The answers to these questions about your child's memory recall capability could actually be stored in his DNA!

Morning/Night person

Is your child a night owl or a morning person? While a number of factors impact the body's internal clock, researchers have also discovered that DNA also plays a large part in.


A DNA Test may be able to explain why your child is nearsighted and predict whether your child has a genetic tendency to need glasses. Nearsightedness is sometimes the result of environmental factors but may also be genetically coded in his DNA.

Learning Patterns

How much does your child rely on past experience when making decisions? Unlock the answer by taking a DNA test to figure out how your child's genetics play a role in his decision making process!

Social support

Does your child actively seek social support during times of stress? Does he prefer to handle things on his own? The way he respond to crisis lies in his DNA.

athletic potential miadna dna test

Athletic Potential

The type of athlete you are is heavily determined by your genetic makeup.
This determines your muscle fiber makeup and on top of guiding you on the type of training you will benefit most from, it also helps guide you on what you will be best at..

sprinter - miadna dna test


Are you a sprinter? The type of athlete you are and want to be is heavily determined by your genetic makeup. Find out what is your genetic makeup.

endurance - marathon - miadna dna test


Endurance athletes goal is prolonged athletic output over an extended distance or for an extended period of time. They are very aerobic by nature. What is your muscle fiber make up?

power athlete miadna dna test

Power Athlete

Power training is identified as high intensity exercise performed quickly - also known as explosive power.
Power is a crucial trait that allows athletes to jump high, hit hard, and lift heavy weights. Should your favorite physical activity be focused on power exercises?

risk of injury - MiaDNA dna test

Risk of Injury

Many serious athletes as well as recreationists quite commonly have problems with overload injuries,�particularly to tendons. Injuries to tendons and ligaments are commonly affected by participation in physical activities, as well as your genetic predisposition.

recovery from exercise - miadna dna test

Recovery From Exercise

When exercising, some people are predisposed to recover faster than others - ready to exert themselves again after very little rest, whereas others don�t seem to bounce back quite as fast, needing a longer break between hard training bouts. Find out what is your genetic predisposition?

Weight Loss Response to Exercise - niadna dna test

Weight Loss Response to Exercise

Exercise is a large part of many weight loss plans, as it is a crucial tool for weight control for everyone. While there is an abundance of evidence that exercise is of benefit to all of us, there is a growing body of evidence that some of us respond to it better than others. Your genetic makeup has a lot to do with such tendency.

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